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Dry Eye

What is Dry Eye?

LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment in Newport Beach

Dr. Sheri Rowen is a premier Newport Beach LASIK,Cataract and eye care provider and eye care provider who treats a range of problems, including evaporative dry eye. Dr. Rowen uses the revolutionary LipiFlow technology to help dry eye patients find relief for for nine months or longer with just a single treatment. Please read the paragraphs below to learn more about dry eye relief with LipiFlow.

 What is Evaporative Dry Eye?

Evaporative dry eye is a chronic condition that affects many people. While over-the-counter and even prescription eye drops deliver relief temporarily, the itchy, gritty, and irritating feeling inevitably returns. Evaporative dry eye occurs when the tears in the eyes evaporate at a much faster rate than normal, due to an insufficient oil layer on the tear film of the eye. This type of dry eye is the result of a blockage in the oil-producing glands, which is known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). With the LipiFlow treatment, more than 79 percent of chronic dry eye patients are able to notice a significant reduction in their dry eye symptoms within four weeks.

How Does LipiFlow Work? 

LipiFlow is a recently developed technology that delivers controlled heat to the inner layer of the eyelid, releasing lipids (oil) from blocked Meibomian glands. It treats both upper and lower eyelids simultaneously without causing any damage to other delicate tissues and structures within the eye. The procedure is not painful; many patients experience only a slight sensation of heat and massage like pressure.

LipiFlow delivers long-lasting results. By unblocking the glands with the revolutionary thermal pulsation technology, the body can resume its natural production of oil and keep the eyes lubricated.

Am I a Candidate for LipiFlow®? 

LipiFlow is used to treat patients with MGD. Dr. Sheri Rowen uses leading-edge technology and various tests to determine the cause of chronic dry eye and diagnose this condition. After identifying the underlying cause of chronic dry eye, Dr. Rowen and her team will help you determine if LipiFlow treatment is right for you. 

For more information about LipiFlow candidacy, please contact Dr. Rowen. She also offers the Toyos IPL treatment for dry eyes.

The LipiFlow® Procedure 

During LipiFlow treatment, Dr. Rowen inserts the LipiFlow activator under the lower and upper eyelids without touching the cornea. The device delivers heat to the blocked glands for about 12 minutes. Most patients report feeling little or no pressure and discomfort. 

After LipiFlow

Following LipiFlow treatment, patients experience significant relief from dry eye symptoms and are closely monitored by Dr. Rowen to ensure optimal results. LipiFlow treatment does not require any downtime and patients are able to return to their normal activities right away.  
In addition to providing relief from dry eye symptoms, Dr. Rowen also treats Newport Beach cataract surgery patients and offers a range of other vision correction procedures.

Toyos Optimum IPL Treatment for Dry Eye

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is used for dry eye therapy as well as photofacial therapy. Many people have significant problems with their meibomian glands that provide natural oil to the tear film to keep it from evaporating. That oil will block and stagnate over time. Some patients with Rosacea are particularly prone to this problem, but it is also being discovered that up to 80% of dry eyes are due to MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction). Dr. Rowen believes that this problem is under-diagnosed and should be looked at before the permanent gland damage has occurred.

One immediate effect of IPL is that it acts like the "world's best warm compress." When the light is absorbed by the blood vessels, it generates heat in the dermal layer that melts the secretions and opens the glands. Immediately after treatment we express the glands removing all of the secretions that were stagnating. Patients will see immediate relief right away. Multiple sessions may be required.