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Dr. Sheri Rowen - Newport Beach Cataract Surgery Specialist

Dr. Sheri Rowen is a Newport Beach Cataract Surgery specialist who uses the latest surgical procedures and technologies to help her cataract patients regain their vision. She also was one of the first surgeons in Maryland to incorporate intraocular lenses (IOLs) into her practice, and she is considered a Newport Beach Crystalens, ReSTOR, and Tecnis Multifocal expert.

We offer treatment for several common eye disorders. If your vision interferes with the quality of your life, consider surgery at one of our vision correction centers.

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What are Cataracts?

A cataract is a progressive clouding of the lens of the eye. A cataract impedes vision by dispersing light passing through the lens, causing blurring, halos and glare. These symptoms only worsen over time. Most cataracts develop as a result of the natural aging process, but they can also be present at birth, or caused later in life by trauma to the eye, diabetes, exposure to sunlight or serious inflammation of the eye. As a cataract progresses, it can significantly impede everyday activities like reading, and especially driving. If left untreated, a cataract can eventually cause total vision loss; in fact, it remains the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Cataract surgery, performed at our practice, offers a fast and easy solution for patients struggling with deteriorating vision.

Cataract Treatment

Cataracts affect the vision impairment in a gradual progressive fashion that cannot be treated with medications. Some patients attempt to manage it with frequent changes in prescription contact lenses or glasses. But, as a cataract worsens and vision impairment begins to interfere with activities, such as driving and reading, surgical intervention most probably will be needed.

Minimally invasive surgery remains the only effective treatment. Cataract surgery is now one of the safest and most frequently performed surgeries in the United States. The decision to undergo surgery is reached between doctor and patient only after a thorough consultation at one of our practices. Some patients are willing to live with faltering vision for months, and even years; however, most patients opt for surgery as soon as the dimming and blurring of their vision begins to affect their daily routine. Cataracts do not improve with time, they continue to progress and cause visual problems.

With the advanced technology and surgical techniques available today, cataract surgery is a very safe treatment. It is available at our practice immediately after diagnosis for healthy candidate. The surgery can be performed in the early or advanced stages of cataract development.

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The LENSAR™ Laser System is the only femtosecond cataract laser built specifically for refractive cataract surgery. Every aspect of the laser has been purposefully designed to meet the needs of cataract patients and their surgeons. Automated features and thoughtful ergonomics allow for seamless integration without added time, for maximum efficiency and precision.
3-D imagery aids in the reconstruction of the relevant anterior segment by allowing for exact laser delivery and precise corneal incisions, free-floating capsulotomies, and efficient lens fragmentation. This advanced technology allows your surgeon to provide you with exceptional vision with advanced precision and little down time.

Correcting Both Distance and Near Vision

Dr. Sheri Rowen was one of the first physicians nationally to offer “instant vision” surgery. “Instant vision” surgery can eliminate a cataract without the injection of anesthesia, which means that no needles, stitches or patches are required. During “instant vision” surgery, the lens of the eye is removed and replaced in order to restore vision. The eye is numbed with a topical anesthetic, and a micro incision is made into the cornea. Then the clouded lens is broken up with sound waves, removed from the eye and replaced with a foldable artificial lens. The lens is placed in the same natural capsule as your original lens and sutures are not required to keep this in place or to close the incision.

We offer the latest implantable lenses to restore multifunctional vision. These lenses can correct vision affected by cataract, and they can also reduce other vision problems, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. These new implantable lenses serve a dual purpose and enable patients to be less dependent on glasses for both near and distance vision. 

What to Expect


The surgery can be completed at our facilities in approximately 10 minutes. The procedure is extremely safe, and has a remarkable success rate. Complications during and after surgery are very rare. Possible side effects will be discussed during your consultation. Following surgery at one of our centers, patients are usually able to return home within a few hours. Vision will be noticeably improved after just a few days, and normal activities can be resumed immediately.

To schedule a surgery consultation with Dr. Sheri Rowen, contact the Cosmetic Center or Mercy Medical Center today.

Dr. Rowen has helped thousands of cataract patients from the Newport Beach region to regain their vision. Call to schedule a consultation at her Newport Beach Cataract Surgery office. She is renowned as a Newport Beach Cataract Surgery specialist.