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Dr. Sheri Rowen – Newport Beach, California LASIK Eye Surgery Provider

At our Newport Beach LASIK offices, we provide the best technology for laser vision correction. The combination of Dr. Rowen's experience and training, with the most advanced laser technology helps to ensure excellent results for our many patients from the Newport Beach region. We offer bladeless LASIK surgery with the new ALLEGRETTO WAVE® laser and Z-LASIK FEMTO LDV laser.

LASIK eye surgery is an extremely successful vision correction procedure approved for the treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and in some cases, presbyopia correction. In the United States alone, laser eye surgery is performed on more than a million patients every year, and it is currently the most popular refractive surgery available. If you are interested in laser vision correction, consider what surgery can do for you.

To find out more about laser vision correction, contact our Newport Beach LASIK eye center. During your complimentary surgery consultation, Dr. Sheri Rowen will determine whether you are a candidate for eye surgery, or whether you would be better suited for conductive keratoplasty, implantable lenses or other refractive surgery.

*View in depth information about our new laser, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE®.


The LASIK Procedure

Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis is a surgical treatment designed to improve vision by increasing the focusing power of the eye. It is an outpatient procedure that can be performed in less than a half hour. At our vision correction center, surgery begins after the patient is made comfortable with numbing anesthetic eyedrops. The Z-LASIK FEMTO LDV femtosecond laser allows a blade-free flap creation by using short pulses of light to gently separate the layers of the cornea, creating an ultra-thin flap and smooth surface underneath. In conventional LASIK, a blade is used to make the flap. At our office, we offer the Z-LASIK procedure, which is performed with the femtosecond laser FEMTO LDV. Using a precise excimer laser, she then quickly reshapes the cornea and replaces the flap over the eye. The surgery itself is virtually painless, and results can be seen immediately. After LASIK vision correction, patients can leave our office immediately and return to their normal activities within a day, sometimes even sooner.

Am I a Candidate for LASIK Surgery?


The surgery is best suited for healthy patients who are at least 18 years of age. If you suffer from astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness), and your prescription is stable, you may be a candidate for LASIK vision correction. At our practice, the surgery is the procedure of choice for patients with lower prescriptions. The surgery is worthwhile for anyone who is unhappy wearing glasses or contact lenses. The surgery may now also be an option for presbyopia correction; the surgery can correct one eye for distance vision and the other eye for close vision in a procedure known as m onovision.

At our practice, every potential patient must undergo a thorough examination prior to surgery. Dr. Rowen will base her recommendations for treatment on a number of factors, including your current prescription, medical background, lifestyle and expectations from surgery. Contact our Newport Beach LASIK and Cosmetic Center today to find out if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery.

LASIK Surgery – Results

After laser vision correction at our practice, patients can expect to see immediate improvement in the quality of their vision. Studies from the American Academy of Ophthalmology report that 90 percent of patients achieve somewhere between 20/20 and 20/40 vision following the surgery. It is important to be aware that the surgery is not a guarantee of perfect vision, and some patients may require additional surgery to further enhance their vision. 

As with most surgeries, there are possible risks. During your consultation at our practice, Dr. Sheri Rowen will explain the LASIK surgery in detail, and go over all possible long/short term side effects and complications.

Dr. Rowen has helped many Newport Beach patients with vision intensive occupations, such as policemen and firefighters. Call her Newport Beach LASIK eye surgery office to schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate to eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Alternatives to LASIK

While it is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known surgery available, some of our area patients, approximately 2 percent, are not a candidate for LASIK vision correction. These patients typically have corneal scarring, corneas that are too thin to withstand surgery or prescriptions that are so high they fall outside the acceptable range of surgery. Many of these individuals are eligible for alternative vision correction procedures. Patients should visit our practice to find out which alternative is appropriate for their specific needs.